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 Check out our new Sign on Route 56, near the famous Volkswagen Dealer Ship!



    Mayor of Lower Burrell

     City of Lower Burrell Council

   2800 Bethel St, Lower Burrell, PA 15068


Mayor Richard Callender  
Councilman Christopher Koziarski
Councilman Frank Trozzi
Councilman Joseph Grillo
Councilman Christopher Fabry

Controller Anthony Farina


Welcome to Lower Burrell Signage : Leechburg Road and Spooky Hollow Road


As you drive along Leechburg Road entering the City of Lower Burrell, there is a sign that is not appropriate to advertise our beloved City. This signage is to represent the City of Lower Burrell. This sign has turned into an advertisement for a company that does not even have offices in our City.


This is an affront to our many businesses in Lower Burrell. We all encourage our citizens to use local businesses whenever possible.   Using local companies directly affects our local economy.


Why on earth would you allow a sign to specify a given business that resides in an entirely different county to represent us in Westmoreland County, and the City of Lower Burrell?


A neutral sign would have been much better. Or possibly one that is represented by the local Lions or other beneficial organization, that is part of our City.


Perhaps it would have been better to ask the citizens of Lower Burrell, that represent local business for their input before allowing this sign to be placed in this location.


Are you receiving a financial gain from Re/Max? If so why not give our local businesses the same opportunity?


Burrell Notary called 2 years ago to report that the signage was dilapidated and needed to be replaced.   But, unfortunately we never received the courtesy of a response. I was totally surprised and disappointed to see a welcome sign with a business not even located in the City. We have three business located directly in the city proper: Morrison Real Estate, Morrison Appraisal Services and more recently Burrell Notary. This sign has the potential to damage the economy of Lower Burrell businesses by directing potential clients to a different area.


Robert D. Morrison     Owner

       Morrison Real Estate

       Morrison Appraisal Services

       Burrell Notary, Inc.










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Dear Burrell Notary Valued Customers:

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Robert D. Morrison, the owner of Burrell Notary. I would like to personally thank you for your patronage.

Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for information on our participation with Pennsylvania Adopt a Highway. We already have signs posted in several locations. Look for our signs at these locations: Markle Road, Hunt Valley and Edgecliff.

Also, over the last couple of years we have experienced some difficulty with the website, due to past associate malicious activities. But, that is behind us now and going forward you will see our advertisements for “The Notary You Can Trust”. There is only one Burrell Notary. We are located at 2665 Leechburg Road, Lower Burrell, PA. We have never authorized any satellite offices. So, visit us at Feel free to stop in any time and say hello. Brutus is always happy to see you too.


Thank You

Robert D. Morrison, Owner


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